How to Bodyguard Yourself

Author: Stephan M. Kurr

Publisher: Booklocker.Com Incorporated

Total Pages: 172

The definitive personal security guide exclusively for women. This is an essential study of contemporary security techniques required by women to successfully implement a user-friendly and practical solution.


Author: John Tur

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Total Pages: 284

Successful comes down to positioning yourself as something other than a greedy buyer looking to make ... and our job as a bodyguard for hire requires that we sometimes step up as a body armor, putting an end to this ...

Ex Contract Husband, Behave Yourself

Author: Yu HuoXingRan

Publisher: Funstory

Total Pages: 365

What if she can't control herself and injures you?" "The company's security is here, nothing will happen. ... Are you going to recommend yourself and take the initiative to be my bodyguard to protect me? " That was the truth.

Inspiring Creativity

Author: Rick Benzel

Publisher: Creativity Coaching Assoc. Press

Total Pages: 230

Confidence is a whirly bird of power to convince yourself and others of the merit and credibility of what you believe to be your art and yourself . Patience , practice , and confidence amend self - doubt . The bodyguard helps you defend ...

Panic Attacks - Five Steps To Freedom


Publisher: E3 Publishing House Limited

Total Pages: 300

When you feel calm and relaxed your bodyguard quietly stands by watching over you. When you believe yourself to be under a slight threat your bodyguard becomes irritated, annoyed and easily looses patience, thus putting slight pressure ...


Author: George J. Brewer

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Total Pages: 252

Should we hire a bodyguard ourselves, now that we have a little money? Or should we spend some of our precious funds that way?” Karen said, “I think we need some professional help. A bodyguard or two. It may very well come looking for ...