River of Breath

River of Breath

River of Breath a healing path to vitality, ease, and well-being by Margot Biestman In this time of profound change and renewed hope, high demands are being placed on each of us. We are called upon to respond with devotion and courage. River of Breath offers a path from old to new ways of being, a path toward personal and cultural transformation. Read it and be touched by a truth within yourself that can feed your body and soul. Many of us long for this experience. Authentic to the core you don't read this book you experience it. I breathe more consciously through each exquisite life tale, poem, and artwork. It flows and guides my flowing. Totally unique. Nancy Herrick, Physician's Assistant, Homeopath Margot Biestman is saying something very personal and distinct, yet universal at the same time. She creates a portal through which others can walk into an experiential realm. She manages to do this succinctly, in a few lines, in such a way that I am reminded of the very best poetry where the poet is saying the deepest truth of what he or she knows. Ann Nix, M.A. CHT, Artist, Teacher When you do things from your soul you feel a river in you, a joy. Rumi Synopsis River of Breath brings to light how we can meet today's challenges with greater flexibility and confidence, and with less stress and fear, through a unique practice called breathexperience. We can find benefit and truth in the simplicity of sensing how breath flowing through our body without our control can support vitality, ease, and well-being, whatever the circumstances. Margot Biestman transports the reader beyond thinking and imagining to sensing the simple, ancient, yet immediate reality of breath movement in the body. Through sensing her own breath as she writes, she allows her words and drawings to emerge from her essence and flow onto the page. For the reader, just taking in these expressions of her truth is itself an invitation to join her in an intimate breathexperience. Margot describes how, even in our culture with its fast pace and attitude to achieve at any cost, we do not have to be victims of pushing and pulling our bodies around, creating strain, anxiety, pain, and illness. Through the experience of breath, we recognize our choices to support the truth of who we are. Conditioned patterns fall away and though some occasionally return, they lose their impact. We have the capacity to make a difference in our lives and the lives of those around us. Margot leads us on her personal journey in the experience of breath for three-and-a-half months. She includes emotions and thoughts as parts of the oneness that breath creates body, mind, soul, and spirit. Even when she loses breath awareness, she learns from these experiences in practicing the art of being human. A separate section contains detailed guidelines for specific breathexperience sequences, inviting the reader to practice allowing and sensing the natural breath moving in the body. Principles of breathexperience, benefits, application in daily life, a breath class, individual hands-on treatment, and a brief history complete the book.

Publisher iUniverse
Release Date
ISBN 1440106150
Pages 336 pages
River of Breath
Language: en
Pages: 336
Authors: Margot Biestman
Categories: Health & Fitness
Type: BOOK - Published: 2008-11 - Publisher: iUniverse

River of Breath a healing path to vitality, ease, and well-being by Margot Biestman In this time of profound change and renewed hope, high demands are being pla
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