Practical Customer Success Management

Practical Customer Success Management

"This book contains so much common sense that my neck was getting tired from nodding my head in agreement so often." Peter Armaly, Senior Director Customer Success, Oracle "...a comprehensive review of the Customer Success role and responsibilities..." Anne Marie Ponder, Senior Manager, IT Infrastructure, Astellas Pharma US "...a must read playbook for all business leaders and customer success-focused professionals." Jason Noble, Global Customer Success and SaaS Leader "I wish a book like this existed when I started in Customer Success!" Cyn Taylor, Enterprise Customer Success Manager, LogicMonitor "...provides all the ingredients to create the right customer success strategy." Baptiste Debever, Head of Growth & Co Founder, Alkalab " invaluable resource for anyone with an interest in Customer Success." Adam Joseph, CEO, CSM insight "A structured and logical approach that will help new and experienced CSMs to bridge the gap between Customer Success theory and practical application." James Scott, General Partner, Success Hacker Customer success management is "the practice of helping customers to generate value from using our products" and it is a relatively new and fast-growing profession with many new CSMs coming into it from other customer-facing professions. Due to the speed with which the profession is undergoing change as it matures and expands, both new and existing CSMs need to keep abreast of customer success best practice. However there are relatively few books that provide much in the way of practical guidance for customer success practitioners and even less options for resources such as tools, templates and checklists that enable a consistently high quality approach whilst increasing the CSM’s productivity. Practical Customer Success Management is a practical guide book and comprehensive training manual for CSMs that provides a simple to follow, best practice framework that lays out the core steps at every stage of the customer journey to business outcome success. It describes and explains which situations each step applies to and provides recommendations for activities or tasks that the CSM can perform to complete each step, together with detailed guidance for successfully completing those activities. The book also includes a suite of tools and templates that enable rapid completion of tasks whilst ensuring consistency of approach both across multiple customer engagements and by multiple CSMs within a team.

Publisher CRC Press
Release Date
ISBN 0429595484
Pages 246 pages
Practical Customer Success Management
Language: en
Pages: 246
Authors: Rick Adams
Categories: Business & Economics
Type: BOOK - Published: 2019-06-14 - Publisher: CRC Press

"This book contains so much common sense that my neck was getting tired from nodding my head in agreement so often." Peter Armaly, Senior Director Customer Succ
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