Welcome to the Fifth Dimension

Welcome to the Fifth Dimension

Based on her popular workshops in Canada and Europe, Welcome to the Fifth Dimension is author Diane LeBlanc’s guide to helping readers recognize and integrate their multiple dimensions. Through examples, exercises, and channeled teachings, she shows us how to regain our co-creative power and live each day and moment in a state of grace. The key, says LeBlanc, is Quintessence, a self-coaching program that revitalizes the five most important dimensions of human existence in order to feel better, recover from disease, and be fully happy. The book breaks Quintessence into groups of five: the five energy fields that surround the body, the individual’s five main ÒSoul families,Ó the five dimensions of the human brain, and others. The book assesses and draws on many contemporary schools of thought, as seen in books like The Law of Attraction, The Power of Now, and The Celestine Prophecy. It also provides original teachings channeled from the powerful entity LeBlanc describes as the "Mother Earth Consciousness," personified as Bianca Gaia who is LeBlanc’s alter ego. Packed with charts, diagrams, and illustrations, this compelling book encourages readers to radically enhance their health and happiness by opening their minds to this new way of thinking.

Publisher North Atlantic Books
Release Date
ISBN 1583944311
Pages 360 pages
Welcome to the Fifth Dimension
Language: en
Pages: 360
Authors: Bianca Gaia
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit
Type: BOOK - Published: 2011-07-12 - Publisher: North Atlantic Books

Based on her popular workshops in Canada and Europe, Welcome to the Fifth Dimension is author Diane LeBlanc’s guide to helping readers recognize and integrate
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